Executive Management Team

Managing Director / Editor in Chief Kash Akram MBA (more info)

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Creative Design & Production Mebbs Khalid

Editorial and Publishing Executive Mariam Ahmed

Events Executive and Office Admin Amanda Smith

Editorial Management Team

Consultant Editor Wiqar Ali Khan

Exclusive Guest Beauty Editor Princess Shahnaz Husain (more info)

Lifestyle Editorial Team

Consultant Journalist Anna Tobin (more info)

Consultant Journalist Dina Medland (more info)

Lifestyle Editor Farrukh Dhondy (more info)

Lifestyle Journalist Saad Zuberi

Lifestyle Journalist Sumera Farman

Lifestyle Journalist Joyeeta Basu

Lifestyle Journalist Izzi Ahmed

Lifestyle Journalist Stewert Hemmingworth

Lifestyle Journalist Elizabeth Drummond

Lifestyle Journalist Raja Dharam


Head of Design and Production Fazal Abbas

Design Consultant Alan Murray

Graphic Design Consultant Lucinda Main

Production Assistant Deepti Topiwala


Make-up Consultant Preeti Bains

Hair Stylist Zarreen


Photography Consultant Digpal Singh

Photographer Consultant Fazal Abbas

Photography Consultant John Farrar

Client Relationship Management

Marketing Consultant Nadeem Khwaja

Client Relationship Consultant Abs Hussain

International Business Manager (Europe) Ramune Miniauskiene

International Business Consultant (UAE) Princess Asma

Office Address

8 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5BY

Tel: 0800 228 9256



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