Kash Akram MBA

Mr Kash Akram MBA DipPLP BSC is the Founder of the Sublime Global group of companies and Managing Director / Managing Editor A-Lifestyle Magazine International. He began his career in Public Sector and Local Government and then provide consultancy to Her Majesty’s Prison Service, he pioneered the concept of Triangle Management within large companies. He was head-hunted by The Virgin Group and provided executive consultancy back to Public Sector organisations, The Police and Ministry of Defence. In 2012 was given an opportunity to be part of the London Olympics as an Ambassador and received a personal thank you letter from the Prime Minister RT Hon David Cameron.

Having realised that an opportunity existed for a new type of magazine for the UK /International readers, Asian Lifestyle Magazine were launched in five locations simultaneously London, Glasgow, Abu-Dhabi, Singapore and Bangkok the brand was also trademarked.

An executive decision was made to rebrand after the launch as it was felt that it was important to reach out to a diverse global population and a marketing brand concept of A-Lifestyle Magazine was created.

Aspiring, Ambitious and Attractive, A-lifestyle Magazine is the latest international, luxury and lifestyle magazine brand.

Since 2010, A-Lifestyle Magazine International has attracted a sophisticated international audience by constantly pushing into new creative territories and ensuring that its coverage of everything from fashion to motoring, travel to technology & jewellery remains unrivalled but focusing on Real Estate and Legal services.

A-Lifestyle readers are voracious, educated and multinational consumers with tremendous spending power. These affluent young professionals live and breathe fashion, art, sports and entertainment and are often leaders in these fields. These true enthusiasts are passionate about lifestyle in all forms and appreciate genuine luxury in every part of their lives. Whether searching for beautiful watches or a stunning villa, they will look to A-Lifestyle as the authoritative lifestyle magazine to recommend products with both style and substance.

As a entrepreneur Kash has developed strategic business relationships to further promote the Magazine internationally forming media partnerships with high profile events across the world. His vision can be summed up by three words …..Think…Innovate….Cultivate…

Kash has championed and supported a number of Charities and Associations as he feels that it important to give back something to the society that we live in and build a moral platform to further support humanity.

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